Federal Customers

NOAA US Department of Commerce National Marine Fisheries

Avanco provides a wide variety of technical administration services, database development, and web services to the Department of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries. On an everyday basis, Avanco has provided technical support for problems that arise within the Division of Statistics and Economics, Office of Science and Technology computer center. Duties in the past have included administration efforts for the web site and IT infrastructure during routine office hours. Avanco has worked on-site to enhance and ensure that all software equipment patches and routines are up to date and efficient. Our personnel have trained NOAA personnel on methods to improve backup and recovery, patch hardware equipment, and improve software performance on the web. Avanco provides Unix, NT, and Web architecture administration, backup and recovery support, tape backup routines using Veritas Netbackup, Oracle startup and recovery and database administration, and general Internet administration support. Avanco has been involved with the Department of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries web development and eGovernment efforts from the early stages of NOAA's efforts to provide a web capability to its users. Initially, our analysts performed an analysis of the proposed web site development effort and were involved with developing user requirements definitions, the high-level functional description of the proposed development effort, the web architecture, and data requirements definitions for proposed Database applications. Avanco assists and supports the Fisheries staff in generating static HTML pages, FTP output files, WEB Counter Image software, GIF and JPG file manipulation, basic server authentication, and server and browser configuration.

DEAUS Drug Enforcement Agency

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) tasked Avanco to create a reporting system that utilized complex calculations to provide a single source of information for Score Card metrics that tracked arrests, asset seizures, drug seizures and criminal cases. IA major goal of the project was to allow DEA management to view how individual agencies within DEA were performing against DEA as a whole. The Balanced Scorecard development approach took into account all factors of priority to the DEA so that cases could be judged on the basis of agency goals. The project  goals included reduced travel time for DEA employees and the elimination of current expensive manual information collection and consolidation processes. Tools utilized included Cognos Impromptu Web Reports, Cognos Power Play and Cognos Visualizer integrated with an Oracle database and the Sun One Directory server for role based security.