"Avanco will work with you to ensure that you sucessfully transform your organization.."

Organizatonal Transformation

The mission of the Organizational Transformation practice is to help client organizations achieve organizational excellence.  Organizational excellence can be measured by any number of ways including time-to-market, operational costs, and productivity.

Organizations will engage a management consulting firm when it observes overall business performance is deteriorating, dissatisfaction among employees is increasing, or there is a generally poor outlook for the business, and the organization’s management team doesn’t know what to do or would like an external opinion.

Avanco’s management consultants are engaged by companies which desire a structured approach to transforming their organizations.  No company in the world, consulting or otherwise, will understand an organization better than its staff.  Avanco provides a rigorous approach to transforming an organization and works closely with the client staff to define ideas for change.

Avanco helps organization define their goals, determine how well each is meeting its goals, define solutions for lack of compliance, and help to implement improvements.  Avanco’s Organizational Transformation service offerings include the following:

Organizational Transformation Diagram

The Avanco team also provides Enterprise Architecture services that support organizational transformation.